How To Take Part In International Women's Day

Happy International Women’s Day! Today is a day to use your time, voice, and skills to champion women of all ages, races, and walks of life. In fact, March is actually Women's History Month, so beyond today, this month offers a chance to celebrate strong women and the causes and organizations that support them. Something that our team at GEN/C does on the daily! We've broken down five ways you can celebrate and support women both today and all month long: 

Click That Follow Button

Follow a few organizations or fellow women on Instagram that champion and support others year-round. Something as simple as a follow not only helps you personally get more informed over time, but also helps these people and groups gain much-deserved awareness for their causes. If you see something you like, share it to your stories every once in a while so that others can learn about it too. We will list a few that we love below:

- @faviana: Faviana is our sister brand with a mission dedicated to help women feel good and to celebrate themselves. Follow along for photos that inspire, uplift, and shows how beautiful ALL women are inside and out!

- @femalecollective: Featuring self-care reminders and inspirational quotes on self-love, growth, and mental health, @femalecollective founded by activist Candace Reels aims to celebrate, uplift, support and empower women.

- @makerswomen: @makerswomen tells real-life stories, both insightful and relatable, of female change makers. From film snippets and interview clips to inspiring quotes and funny memes, the platform offers meaningful posts that will ignite your inner potential.

- @rupikaur_: A well-known poet, Rupi Kaur is the author of the bestselling book “Milk and Honey”. Her poetry speaks to a large audience, especially women as it is both empowering and deeply relatable. Coupled with minimalist illustrations, her work is highly revered and sends a positive message of self-love, growth and self-pride.

- @girlboss: Girlboss celebrates powerful and influential women, not just in the financial sense, but also social workers, volunteers and so on. Their Instagram feed is super uplifting while being aesthetically pleasing. 


Donate even a small amount to a worthy charitable organization. We're doing our part by donating 5% of the proceeds from every item purchased on to Catalyst from March 8th - March 15th! Make sure to check out our site to not only invest in an items that spread messages that inspire, empower and motivate, but gives back and lifts women up as well!

Stay Informed

Subscribe to newsletters that can keep you informed and up to date all year. Whether it’s something news-focused and female-founded such as The Skimm, or The Daily Good, a 30-second visual read of everyday inspiration for the informed woman, or Create & Cultivate, where you can get career tips and trick to be the girl boss you've always wanted to be! There’s always something to be learned, so get out there and stay informed.

Support Your Girl Bosses

Consider swapping some of your go-to fashion and beauty purchases for ones by brands founded by, owned, benefiting, operated by, and/or created to help women. Find a few of our favorites listed below:

- Supergoop!: Holly Thaggard is the woman who is changing the way we think about sunscreen. When Holly’s close friend was diagnosed with skin cancer in her early 30s, she learned how sun damage can start at a very young age. In 2007, she started Supergoop!, an SPF brand that is fun, clean, and feels good on the skin.

- Briogeo: Founder Nancy Twine wants to help you find the perfect hair care. She launched Briogeo out of her tiny East Village apartment with a few of her grandmother’s coveted beauty recipes. Mix up your hair care routine with one of Briogeo’s clean, high-performing ingredients that are personalized for your hair type.

- Daily Harvest: Rachel Drori started Daily Harvest because she regularly found herself grabbing unhealthy, random snacks for meals instead of cooking nutritious, sustainable foods. Everything Daily Harvest makes is built on organic fruits and vegetables and crafted into delicious food that is actually good for you. They work directly with farmers to grow ripe, juicy produce, freeze it, and send it directly to you so you can have fresh, hardy foods every day.

- Outdoor Voices: Ty Haney founded Outdoor Voices in 2013 and soon became a household activewear name in 2018. She founded the brand with the intention of creating workout wear that was fashionable and not just meant for working out— but for just doing things in everyday life.

- Third Love: Heidi Zak was tired of having to choose between bras that were either sexy or comfortable. In 2013, she founded ThirdLove — a bra company that focused on feeling your best. With more than 80 sizes, ThirdLove can help you find the perfect fit bra that will make your girls look great and feel good.


Consider volunteering at a local women’s health clinic or foundation. Whether it’s through a helpline or in person, even giving your time once this month can help someone in your community or across the country. You may even find the experience so rewarding that you’re inspired to volunteer regularly. Volunteermatch is a nonprofit that can help you find somewhere in your city that suits your skills and schedule.

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