7 Spring Trends to Look Forward to this Season

What you've heard is true, it's already spring. The sun is shining brighter, we're staying out later, and with the help of some vaccines in our arms, we're mere moments away from returning to the streets to strut our spring style! We at Gen/C have searched up the best of the best upcoming spring fashion trends just for you. 

Sheer Fabrics

UO Shona Cinch Sheer Top

With warmer weather finally paying a visit, nothing feels more comfortable than a sheer mesh top. Combine the mesh trend with cool screen-printed designs for a cool-girl look that is comfy as hell. 

Bubblegum Pink

Pink Wide Leg Denim

Every day is Wednesday with this new trending spring color! Go for a tonal monochromatic look to really emphasize our love for this flirty hue.


Wide Leg Houdstooth Trousers Motel Rocks

As posh as trousers sound, they're making an appearance in cool street style looks this spring season. Whether as a neutral basic, a sweet pastel shade, or a shocking statement color in a power-suit set, trousers are replacing jeans more and more. Fine by us, they're far more comfortable anyway. 

Low-Rise Pants

Low Rise Black Flair Denim

We know, we know, this one's a little controversial. But we've got to be honest here, and honestly, low-rise pants are making a comeback. They're not everyone's cup of tea, but the style is popping up everywhere! If you're bold enough to give them a try, you'll be giving us effortless Y2k vibes all season. 


Tangerine Cardigan

Another joyfully bright shade is coming to play this season. Whoever said that tangerine was the new pink was seriously...correct? Sorry Elle Woods, but this spring, pink and tangerine can live in harmony. Brighten up your closet, put your neutral winter shades away for a moment, and embrace the citrus.

Sweater Vests

Aritzia Winston Sweater Vest

Yes, the sweater vest trend is not going anywhere anytime soon. The chic-nerd-preppy style is continuing this spring. Pair with a collared shirt for a cool layered look, and if you're feeling particularly scholarly, match it with trousers or a pleated skirt to really embrace the academia of it all.

Teardrop Bags

Teardrop Shoulder Bag

This new bag shape is everywhere, and we couldn't be happier. The shape is unique, and the bags are the perfect size for daily use. Plus, they rest super comfortably on your shoulder, you'll barely notice you're carrying a bag at all. But everyone else? They'll notice.

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